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New Member Interest Meeting (No other JLC events onsite)(Community Room)
Saturday Apr 06, 2019 09:00 AM
Saturday, Apr 06, 2019 11:00 AM

Potential JLC New Members

Come attend this open house event to learn more about joining the League! We look forward to meeting you and sharing all the Junior League of Charlotte has to offer!

JLC Community Room
1332 Maryland Avenue
Charlotte NC 28209
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Bell, Shawn
Benton, Rachel
Brand, Rachel
Braxton, Kara
Brink, Sally
Brown Thompson, Corliss
Brown Thompson, Corliss
Bryan, Audrey
Burton, Patricia
Chandler , Alison
Chandler , Alison
Chandler, Joy
Covington, Juanetta
Fitch, Ashley
Goehring, Ashley
Goehring, Ashley
Graves, Avon
Hall, Amber
Halter, Allie
Henderson, Karli
Hermann, Jessie
Hinterberger, Heather
Huffman, Hannah
Ilano, Sydney
Inglese, Brooke
Jones, Ashley
Jurney, Rachel
Kenn, Sara
Khoury, Virginia
Kinnaman, Abbey
Long, Mary Ann
Long, Mary Ann
Martin, Sarah
Maske, Christy
Meena, Amelia
Meena, Amelia
Miller, Amberly
Murray, Holly
Phillips, Mary
Recchion, Michelle
Rising, Haley
Sheppard, Kristen
Sinha, Raj
Stires, Caroline
Truesdale, Jalissa
Turner, Catherine
Willow-Johnson, Mackenzie
Yajnik, Kathryn
Yanicko, Meghan
Young, Casi
Zavoda, Holly